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The Yarra Tracks and Trails group is a collection of volunteer enthusiasts who have a history with the creation and management of the trail network. With a healthy and trusting relationship with Parks Victoria management and ranger staff, Yarra Tracks and Trails members perform regular trail development and maintenance tasks in order to keep this exciting trail network open all year round and to deliver a compelling, at times challenging but always a thoroughly enjoyable trail experience. Key members include the very people who created these trails over the past thirty years - but now working with Parks so our work sessions are performed with Parks authority and insurance cover.

Once you have registered, we will add you to the list of volunteers and details of the work session will be emailed out to you. The procedure on the day is a safety briefing at the start of the session and fill out a volunteer form so that everyone is covered from a liability perspective.

We normally ask you to bring

  • gloves
  • safety glasses
  • sturdy shoes
  • sun screen
  • drinking water
  • Your favorite trail tools. For some work sessions Parks Vic supplies trail tools and we'll let you know

It's good fun and a terrific opportunity to become involved with legal trail work.


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