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Candlebark Trail Fairy Ride & Trail Survey - 25th October 2015
Now that we've put several months of work into these trails, it was an opportune time to step back and go for a bit of a ride. What a cracker of a day as well with the weather in the mid 20s and the trails in terrific condition. We were contemplating doing a bit of touch up work at some points that were worked on recently but it was just too much fun out there and time got away from us.

Joyce, Dale, Greg, Michael, Karl and George met at the Candlebark parking area beside the Fitzsimons Lane bridge and off we went. Invited fellow riders who we came across so the group grew as we went. Out through some of the lower Candlebark trails and straight to "the Wall". This is part of the old Templestowe Hill Climb track and a hidden gem of motoring history right in the heart of Templestowe. Michael and George swapped stories of races and competitors there. Dale and Joyce weren't bern yet. Probably Karl as well.

Down through Tikalara and then back into Candlebark to briefly inspect areas for trail development.

Capped off with a visit to Pettys cafe just off the Main Yarra Trail. Perfect....

Some of the group in Tikalara just on the edge of the old quarry. Another hidden gem where much of Melbourne's road base came from. Evidence of old rail line and cart trail here. Great spot for a breather.
Spread all up the hill along the Eastern Slog trail. Inspecting a couple of points that require attention in the near future.
Our little pocket dynamo Joyce and an agile Michael.
Greg coming down the switchback as Dale clips in. Some of the Fat Tyre Flyers out there will recognise Greg. As will National XC competitors from a couple of decades ago. The man still hammers it out on the trails.
Karl and his elbow guards..... Inseparable but whatever it takes to keep those arms together. Karl is responsible for much of the rock armouring work in the area so if you come across Karl out on the trails riding his white Anthem, give him a yell of thanks.
Loitering at the top of Rocky Chute and discussing trail management strategies. It's nice and loose and lots of fun.