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Westerfolds & Candlebark Track Work Day - 3rd October 2015
Today was a bit of a special one becuase Parks Vic granted permission for us to take care of some pesky eroded parts of singletack that hugs the banks of the river through Westerfolds Park. After years of ad-hoc drainage we had the opportunity to not only fill the holes but to add a bit of spice and interest in the trail and to enhance the natural terrain feel of trails by including lumps and bumps - and bucking the current trend of sterile trail with groomed smooth track surfaces.

Fantastic weather and a tight group of volunteers who all worked so well together. It was pleasing to see new faces as well as the return of volunteers who had worked on trails previously. Great group, great fun, constant chatter and a few laughs as well.

Volunteers today were Gayle, Joyce, Tom, Jens, Michael, Bruce and George. A big thank you to all for putting the effort in on this AFL Grand Final weekend.

At the end of the work session, a bunch of tired bodies - except for Joyce who slipped on the riding gear and took off for several laps of Candlebark trails. Joyce scored 2nd place in open womens class the Pedal 4 Parkinsons 6 hour enduro held at Candlebark earlier this year. What a machine!

Track Westerfolds Rapids Trail
Notes Basic profiling and sweeping drainage to limit volume of water over trail. Took the opportunity to add a couple of trail features. For example, instead of filling and grooming the trail, raise a couple of little lumps and add interest. That’s the sort of thing that children on 16” to 24” wheel bikes see as a jump - but to the experienced racer, an opportunity to loft the front. What it also does is to take a couple of pedal strokes of outright speed out of the fast rider but still feel reward.

Volunteers - Michael, Gayle and Jens

Track Homestead Trail
Notes Basic profiling and sweeping 5-degree slope drainage. We plan to return to this point to create more interesting water diversions to the right of the trail.

Volunteers - Jens, Joyce, Bruce, Michael

Track Homestead Trail
Notes Grade reversal for wide area, low velocity water run-off.

Volunteers - Joyce, Jens and Bruce.

Track Homestead Trail
Notes Repair a low and often wet area that was ever widening as trail users moved off-trail to avoid the wet. Raised the level, reversed grade and added interest. Acts as a good speed check for entry into tighter section.

Volunteers - Jens, Bruce, Joiyce and Michael way back there finishing off the last one.