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Candlebark Adventure Tracks

Candlebark Track Work Day - 12th September 2015
Scope of work today was basic drainage work on the trails on the upper switchback and down to the pesky leaking dam. We also took the opportunity to enhance the natural terrain feel of trails by including lumps and bumps - and bucking the current trend of groomed smooth track surfaces. These create a manufactured feel to an area and do little to enhance the trail experience.  Fantastic weather and a tight group of volunteers who all worked so well together. Good fun.

Volunteers today were Bruce, Dale, Yianni, Steven, Jens, Greg, Howard and George.

Track Leaky Dam
Notes Basic profiling and sweeping drainage to limit volume of water over trail.

Volunteers - Yianni, Steven and George.

Track Leaky Dam
Notes Basic profiling and sweeping 5-degree slope drainage at a number of points.

Volunteers - Dale, Steven, Bruce, Yianni.

Track Upper Switchbacks
Notes Grade reversal for wide area, low velocity water run-off.

Volunteers - George and Greg hard at it.

Track Upper Switchbacks
Notes Create several water exit points to limit volume of water carried along trail.

Volunteers - Steven, Bruce, George, Greg, Yianni and Dale.

Track Upper Switchbacks
Notes Profile for wide drainage and slow water velocity along trail.

Volunteers - Jens, Bruce, Steven

Track Upper Switchbacks
Notes Raise low spot, to create drainage check point. Adds interest as well.

Volunteers - Steven, Greg, Jens, Yianni