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Westerfolds Tracks

Westerfolds Park Tracks
120 hectares of parkland perfect for picnicking, cycling, walking and canoeing. Best of all there are a number of natural terrain tracks through the park that offer the adventurer a more natural experience close to park amenities. The moment you step off the formed path of the Yarra Main Trail, you move back in time and experience tranquillity that is rare to find in today's manufactured environments.
Westerfolds Track Network
Name Westerfolds Odyssey Trail
Description 1km. Winding tight trail that is remarkably peaceful situated just near the back of Odyssey House. Watch out for oncoming trail users.
Name Westerfolds Rapids Trail
Description Length 780m. Open trail that follows the river to or from the rapids observation deck.
Name Westerfolds Canoe Trail
Description Length 1.1km. Trail section that runs parallel with the Main Yarra Trail and hugs the river to or from the canoe launching platform and canoe club house.
Name Westerfolds Centre Trail
Description Length 760m. Trail section that runs right through the centre of the park. An easy natural terrain track to spot herds of kangaroos as they gather to the west in the evenings.